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Galileo Thermometer
Galileo Thermometer
Item No:YG624


1) In his search for recording temperature with precision, Galileo Galilei (1564-1642)discovered a fascinating method.
2) He put 4-5 glass balls in cylinder filled with a special liquid to indicate the accurate temperature. In liquid, solid substances with the same weight and size sink when temperature rises, and they ascend when temperature falls.
3) The glass balls differ in weight and the density of the liquid means the lowest of the floating ball in the upper part of the cylinder shows the accurate temperature. outdoor thermometer, outdoor thermometers.
4) The production of the thermometer is complicated and can only be made by hand. Each ball is attuned to exactly 1 degree. Two glass balls differ in weight by only 6/100g.
5) The glass balls can be made in different styles. such as heart shape, gourd shape ect.Below the glass balls, there are many little tag with different temperature.
6) The tag can also be made in many styles, such as butterfly tag, digit tag. If need, we can make other tags by your requirements.
7) Its accuracy and exclusiveness will no doubt give you a distinct thermometer. outdoor thermometer.
Size:  Height:37cm

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